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There are three types of hoists widely used in the US: manual power hoists, electric hoists and pneumatic hoists. All hoists have certain common safety requirements, and additionally, every type of hoist has also unique safety rules and requirements associated with it.

Our company, All-Safe, LLC, considers construction safety our number one priority. Our attention to safety is what made us uniquely successful in the US temporary construction industry. Let's now consider a few important safety measures related to hoists.

The types of manual hoists include wire rope hoists, chain hoists and relatively less often used web-strap hoists. Ratchet wire-rope based hoists and lever operated hoists are relatively common everywhere in the United States, but undeservedly so, as they do not present very safe hoisting options. Friction brake load controlling mechanisms in hoists are considerably safer.

The key to the hoisting safety as it's understood in the 50 US states without exception is the proper training of the hoist operating personnel.

Hoist safety considerations become even more important when dealing with personnel hoists, and especially when working with insulated hoists built for working with live electric power lines.

There is a number of general safety techniques that must be used to decrease and manage the ever–present risk of operating hoisting machinery. For example, one of such techniques whose importance is rarely emphasizes in hoist information brochures is the proper marking of the hoist equipment. Marking the hoist's lifting capacity is one of the essential US hoist safety measures. Also, if the hoist is pneumatic, not only must it have the rated air pressure marked clearly on its body, but also the name of the manufacturer (whether the machine is made in US or outside of US) and unique ID code, such as model/serial number (for maintenance as well as inspection purposes). Similarly, all electric hoists must have information related to their electric characteristics (such as frequency, voltage and circuit power), as well as the manufacturer name and the unique ID of the machine (model/serial number).

Manual hoists should be labeled in the same way (minus the power source information, obviously).

Another useful preventive safety technique is the application of the warning labels to the hoists. Even though warning labels in some of the US states may be considered unnecessary, provided that very person operating the hoist has received proper training and the documents certifying such training are available at the site, it is our firm belief that the proper use of warning labels in addition to the proper training can help reduce the number of work accidents with hoists. Warning labels are useful for helping the hoist operators to be aware of the fundamental hoist safety demands, such as keeping the load within the allowable rate, not operating the hoist whose power source, mechanics or load bearing medium are damaged or misplaced. In particular, everything related to the electrical safety should be properly labeled (the workers must be made aware of the dangers of open live electricity and of the need to disconnect the power before opening the cover and putting the cover back in place before connecting the power.)

This was only a snippet of information about hoist safety practices in US. We, All-Safe, LLC, are experts in hoist safety and would gladly provide you will information about hoisting safety. We are one of the the number one hoist services providers in the Unites States. Please feel free to call us for information: 718-389-9400.

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